Why You Should Choose ENERGY STAR Windows

why-you-should-choose-energy-star-windows-grennan-constructionWhether you’re currently looking to build a new home or remodel your existing home with new windows, you might want to consider ENERGY STAR windows for your next window replacement.  Having the proper windows installed in your home can not only lower your energy costs up to 30% (or even higher), it’s a great way to reduce damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and also build up the value of your home by up to 114%!

First, you might be wondering, “What are ENERGY STAR windows?” The ENERGY STAR Program was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (also known as the EPA) to create a voluntary program that partnered with businesses and individuals to develop products that cut down on energy usage, while also saving money.  It was established back in 1992 and has since evolved with numerous product industries to develop more energy efficient products for consumers.

In the construction and housing industry, this involved the development of ENERGY STAR windows.  ENERGY STAR windows provide for the most energy-efficient windows available and have gone through rigorous testing for thermal performance, making them NFRC Certified and ENERGY STAR qualified.

NFRC ratings were created to provide a standard of performance for the industry.  It provides unbiased energy performance ratings for windows, doors and skylights.  In order for windows to meet ENERGY STAR window performance requirements, independent NFRC ratings were created and provide performance ratings on the rate of heat loss from the home, how much heat the house gains due to the sun and how clearly you can see through the window.  Whenever you have low rates of heat loss from the home, low rates of heat gained in the home from the sun and high visibility through the window, you are getting the most thermally efficient performance windows.  And since the weather and sun exposure varies geographically throughout the country, these ratings vary as well.

According to the former Secretary of Energy, Federico Peña, “Each year families spend almost half their energy budget on heating and cooling bills. Installation of these ENERGY STAR windows could help cut 15 percent from these annual bills.”

All Windows installed by Grennan Construction are NFRC Certified and ENERGY STAR qualified for all regions of the country, so they will provide you the most energy efficient windows available, while also cutting down on your energy bills.

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