What to Expect

Before, During, & After Your Project

The Proposal

We recommend that your Project Consultant meet with you at the location of the project, take measurements and any necessary pictures, create a proposal, and present it to you face-to-face. We want and encourage you to ask questions – and, more importantly, get answers – when reviewing the proposal. Once you’re confident we are the right contractor for you, we will select the materials, authorize the agreement, and proceed with the project.

Payment Options & Procedures

We strive to provide you with the project you want for a price you can afford. We do not require a deposit prior to the start of most projects, however full payment is due at the time of completion. In some circumstances a payment schedule may be established and/or a deposit may be necessary. We accept several forms of payment including cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

Your Project Manager

Your project will next be turned over from your Project Consultant to your Project Manager. Your Project Manager will contact you to verify the details of your project and to address any concerns you may have. He will coordinate all phases of your project from the initial start date and material delivery to the final inspection and collection of payment.

Scheduling Your Project

Your Project Manager will set an approximate start date for your project. In our line of work, the weather can wreak havoc on our schedules, so you will be contacted a few days in advance to confirm the actual start date. In cases of extreme weather, you will be updated daily.

Project Production Time

Our goal is to complete your project to your satisfaction in an efficient and timely manner. Many factors can add time to a job. These include building inspections, inclement weather and Additional Work/Change Orders. If your project involves multiple jobs (e.g., roofing and siding and windows), multiple work crews may be involved. We strive to coordinate our crews and phases of the project into a seamless, fluid process.

Material Delivery & Placement

Once the start date is confirmed, the delivery of material will be scheduled. Deliveries generally will be made the day before the start of the project during one of two windows; either 7:00AM – 12:00PM or 12:00PM – 7:00PM. The driver will ask you to sign a waiver permitting him to park on your driveway and, for most roofing projects, will place the materials directly on your roof. To avoid delays, please make arrangements to remove your vehicles from the driveway.

Dumpster Delivery & Placement

For most projects a rubber wheeled dumpster will be necessary. Dumpster deliveries generally will be made the day before the start of your project. We prefer the dumpster be placed on your driveway close to the house. For this reason we ask that you please make arrangements to remove your vehicles from the garage and the driveway.

The Crew

Before starting your project, the crew foreman will introduce himself to you and address any questions or concerns you may have. If you would like, a daily progress report can be given at the end of each workday. He will also schedule a tentative final walkthrough appointment at this time. Your Foreman, Project Manager, and Project Consultant will be accessible to you throughout the entire project. We encourage you to communicate any concerns you have as they arise so they can be addressed in a timely manner.

Protection of Property

Rest assured we take pride in our ability to protect your property as if it were our own. With the use of tarps, plywood, and scaffolding, we do our best to leave your landscaping, outdoor furniture, etc., looking exactly the way they were before we arrived. If there is something in particular that you wish to protect, please let us know prior to the start of the project.

Antennas, Cables, Satellite Dishes, Alarm Systems, and Solar Panels

Depending on the scope of the work detailed for your project, antennas, cables, satellite dishes, alarm systems, and/or solar panels may need to be temporarily removed from your home. We will carefully remove and reinstall many of these items; however, some work may be better handled by the specific service technicians. We recommend that you contact your service providers to limit the interruption to your service.

Removal of Your Old Roof, Siding, Gutters, Windows, or Doors

This is the noisy and dirty part of the project. We take every precaution to protect your property, but we cannot avoid the dust and dirt particles raised during this phase. In some cases the dust and dirt may find its way into the interior of your attic and home. For this reason we ask that you please cover or remove items from your attic before we start. We also recommend that you secure or remove any valuable items from your walls, as occasionally such items could be jarred loose. If you have any concerns regarding specific items, please inform your Project Manager.

Clean Up

At the end of each day, the work area will be made watertight to protect the building from normal weather conditions, as well as cleaned of debris and magnetically swept to pick up nails. All gutters specific to the work area will also be cleaned of debris. We strive to find and remove every piece of debris, but on occasion we may miss a nail or scrap. Please be aware of this and check your yard before allowing children and/or animals to play in it, and check your driveway before driving on it.

Additional Work/Change Orders

Additional work (above and beyond the original agreement) can come from unforeseen conditions found after the project has begun. Such conditions include building department, surveying and/or engineering requirements; faulty existing plumbing or wiring, rot and insect damage, as well as your requests. If additional work is deemed necessary, it will be calculated and presented in an Additional Work/Change Order proposal for your approval.

Upon Completion

Once the Foreman is confident that your project is finished, he will perform a walk-through inspection. Your presence at this walkthrough is highly recommended in order to give you the opportunity to make sure the project has been completed as specified in your contract and to deal immediately with any concerns you may have. Once any and all concerns have been addressed, your Project Manager will arrange a meeting to perform an additional walk-through and to collect payment. Within 2-3 weeks you will be sent a Customer Satisfaction Survey that we ask you to please fill out and return to us. Providing your feedback regarding our performance through this survey enables us to identify how to improve the service that Grennan Construction provides.

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