Uncover the Mystery – The Story Behind Orion, MI’s Museums

Orion, Michigan, is often referred to as ‘the Museum Town’ due to its wide range of museum attractions, from art and history to science and natural wonders. But what is the story behind these beloved institutions, and how did they come to be? This exploratory article looks to uncover the mystery of Orion, MI’s museums, and the story behind their inception. Learn more here.

Orion’s museums are all relatively new additions to the town, with the first one having been established in 1973. The Brainard Center for Community History was the first museum to open. It has continued to be a cornerstone of the town’s culture, dedicated to preserving the area’s unique history. This facility houses artifacts from the founding of Orion, including maps and archives and antique furniture from local homes. Other attractions include their replica 19th-century general store, a nature center, and a gallery hosting rotating exhibits from local and national artists. Learn more about Outdoor Adventures Await in Orion, MI.

The following year, in 1974, the Patricia F. Morris Natural History Museum was established, more commonly known as the MSU Museum. This museum focuses on educating students and the public on the natural history of the region and is home to a wide range of specimens, including fossils, artifacts, and other biological collections. The museum was named after a beloved professor of natural resources at Michigan State University, who has long been a passionate supporter of the museum and its cause. The MSU Museum is also home to the state’s most giant dinosaur skeleton, ‘Mr. Bones’, which is the only one of its kind in the world!