Tips and Tricks to Prepare Your House for Summer

5F7649370BWell, Summer is almost here!

The warm weather that we have all been waiting for is imminent and there are some simple techniques available to make sure your house is as energy efficient as possible.

We want to help you keep cool air inside and hot air where it’s supposed to be…outside!


What We Are All About
Grennan Construction can provide you with all your necessary home improvements that are needed to keep your house running at peak efficiency during the summer months.

We can also provide many options to make your house more energy efficient including siding, gutters, windows, roofing, and insulation. Also, if the worst should happen, Grennan Construction is ready to repair and replace whatever has been damaged, whether it be from regular wear and tear or from the weather.


Keeping Your House Efficient
The simplest way to save money and energy is to make sure your home is up to date on all energy efficiency matters. No matter if it is a new roof, or simply securing windows and doors, Grennan Construction is the best way to make sure your home is well prepared for the coming summer months!


Checking for Leaks
For optimum efficiency; windows, doors and air ducts of your home need to be leak-free. The caulking on the windows and doors is the first barrier to ensure energy efficiency by keeping the warm and cool air separated. The same principal for keeping heat inside in the winter applies to keeping the cool air inside in the summer.
Making sure the windows and doors are properly sealed will not only make your home more energy efficient but will also help with keeping out insects, which can also come along with warmer temperatures.


Check Your Foundation
By simply walking around your basement and the outside foundation of your house, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in potential damage. The biggest threat is water damage.

Leaks, cracks, and imperfections of your foundation can cause a lot of headaches when the rains come in the summer months. Grennan Construction has experts to inform you of potential leaks and can fix any structural foundation problems you might have, providing you with the proper assistance and best materials ensuring your home is protected from the summer elements.


Your Roof
The roof of your house is the most important defense against the forces of nature in the coming summer months.

Rain, hail, and sleet from summer storms can take a toll on any roof over the years. It is important to make sure there are no cracks, leaks or other imperfections in your roof in order to prevent flooding or other damage to the inside of your home. If you do find an imperfection in your roof,  you should repair it immediately in order to avoid costly indoor damage.

Replacing your roof is one of the most valuable ways to increase your home’s value and is the best way to prevent damage to the inside of your home. Grennan Construction has the most energy efficient roofs available, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are looking for a Metal Roof or a Cedar Shake Roof, Grennan Construction has exactly what you desire!


Summer Time!

Summer time is a great time to relax and enjoy yourself, so take a moment ensure your home is secure from rain, hail, heat, and insects. Then call Grennan Construction for all your home efficiency needs, and then enjoy the summer!

Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Whether you’re looking to save money, go green and reduce your carbon footprint—or both!—there are a lot of subtle things that you can do around your home to save energy.  As the weather starts to cool down and we head into Fall and Winter weather, there are a handful of simple things that you can do to help save energy.

Energy Saving Tip #1: Weatherproof Your Home

Heating (and cooling) the home accounts for over 50% of the average American’s annual energy consumption.  Simply looking at the insulation in any areas that could have leaks or insufficient insulation, like an attic, basement, crawl space and walls, can help you identify areas where there may be leaks in (and out of) the home.  This means that the cold outdoor air may be getting into the house and any heat you may be generating inside the home to make it more comfortable, may be leaking outside.  Air leaks around pipes, windows and doors can be easily eliminated with weather stripping and expanding foam spray.

Energy Saving Tip #2: Use the Sun

The sun may or may not be out very much during the fall or winter seasons, but during cold months, you can take advantage of the sun’s natural heat-producing effects by leaving blinds or drapes drawn on windows that face the sun throughout the day.

Energy Saving Tip #3: Be Thermostat Smart!

One of the easiest ways that people can save on energy is simply by being smarter with the thermostat.  Everyone has a different room temperature that they may find comfortable, but if you can reduce the thermostat minimum temperature while you are away from the home during the colder months, you can potentially save 10% on your energy bill.  Then, when you are home, you can raise the minimum to a level that is comfortable.  Also, if you can still keep that thermostat at a bearable temperature and then find other sources of heat (such as blankets, fireplaces, and bundling up), you can significantly reduce your energy consumption.

Energy Saving Tip #4: Use Energy-Saving Materials

From insulation to windows to siding, there are numerous materials available now that help reduce energy and keep the temperature of the home comfortable and at its desired level.  Of course knowing what materials are available and finding a company that uses these materials is important!

For those in Oakland County, Michigan, if you would like to receive a free analysis of your home’s insulation and saving energy, contact Grennan Construction today.

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