Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips

summer-roofing-maintenance-tips-troy-michiganThe summer weather can bring along a number of challenges for homeowners and rooftops. Heat can put a lot of stress on any rooftop, regardless of the season, but extra care may be needed during the summer months to avoid any kind of unnecessary stress to both your rooftop (as well as to the homeowner).

First and foremost, if there is any reason for you to be on top of your roof, be careful when walking on your rooftop during summer months.  Shingles can get extremely hard and brittle during summer months and it’s easy to damage new shingles and shorten their life by walking all over them.  Shingles can get soft and granules will fall off the shingles whenever you walk all over them.  Do any necessary roofing inspections before 9am or in the late evening, after the rooftop has had an opportunity to cool.

In addition to walking on your roof, avoid using any flat roofs as a place to lay out or lounge during the summer months.  Remove any lounge chairs or debris from your flat roof areas as these items could potentially cause permanent damage to the roofing materials.

Be sure to take care of any large trees or shrubs nearby the house to avoid any large branches from damaging your rooftops.  Make sure that large branches are trimmed and removed if they pose a threat to your roof in the event of any major wind or rain storms.  Taking care of any greenery around your home will also prevent leaf debris from clogging your gutters and creating another headache during any rain storms.

These inspections are pretty basic, but can help you extend the life of your roof.  You can also get a roof analysis from professional roofers.  Also, if you have an older rooftop, the summertime is also a great time to consider getting new roofing installed during months when rainy days are few and far between.  For those in Oakland County, Michigan, if you would like to receive a free roof analysis, contact Grennan Construction today.

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