Drywall FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about drywall repair and installation. If you have one that isn’t listed here, please call us and we’ll get it answered for you.

I have had stress cracks in my home repaired, and they keep coming back. Can you get rid of them?

Absolutely! Stress cracks are unsightly and annoying. We make an on-site inspection to determine the cause. If we detect no unusual problems, we can proceed with the repair. If we find structural problems, though, you may need to have other, more major repair done before we can repair the drywall – otherwise the cracks will keep coming back.

I hate nail pops. My painter fixes them and they keep coming back. Is there any way to get rid of these?

Yes. First pops (nails in new construction) are common, as are screws pops. We can repair both and eliminate the problem permanently.

My home is only six years old. Isn’t that awfully new for stress cracks?

These are probably settling cracks, which are not at all unusual. We can take care of these very easily.

I’ve seen do-it-yourself drywall repair kits? Could I do this myself or hire a handyman?

If it’s a fairly simple job, you could, and it might be good enough. But then again, it might not be. You might end up with additional cracking at a later date. And for the time and effort you’ll spend, you need to decide if it’s worth doing yourself. Since we are professionals, when we complete a project, it looks perfect. We will handle those jobs that are too difficult for a handyman but too small for most contractors.

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