Orion Twp in Orion, MI

Orion Township, located in Oakland County, Michigan, is an area rich in history and community spirit. From its inception as a US Township in 1835, Orion has grown to encompass over 36 square miles and a population of over 33,000. Although the area is now heavily residential, Orion has strong ties to its agricultural past and is known for its popular farmers’ markets and seasonal festivals. A thriving and beautiful community, Orion Township offers residents a high quality of life and abundant activities to keep them busy. Visit this link for more information.

Historically held by the Ojibwe and Chippewa bands of Native American tribes, the land was eventually organized by the federal surveyors in 1823. The origin of the name “Orion” is attributed to the surveyor’s leader, John Biddulph, who named it after the constellation Orion. The township was officially organized in 1835, and the first settlers arrived in 1840. The early settler’s wheat crop was so successful that grain elevators were built to process and transport it down the Clinton River to Detroit. As the area developed, the population grew, and a variety of local businesses were established. In 1875, the “Old Sow” gristmill was opened to produce feed for the local animals, and the first post office was established in 1877. In 1883, the Orion Home Telephone Co. began providing telephone service, and within five years, connection service in the area grew to nearly 500 subscribers. Over the years, the economy figured prominently in the township’s growth. See here for information about Friendship Park in Orion, MI.

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