Important Fall Furnace Maintenance Reminder

fall-furnace-maintenance-reminder-grennan-constructionAutumn is here, which means that it is time to schedule your annual furnace maintenance appointment.  It is important to make sure that you regularly get your furnace cleaned and inspected each year, just before the cold months set in.  This service will help ensure that your furnace is not worn out and that the furnace works when you need it to.

During your annual maintenance appointment, the inspector should not only make sure that your system itself is working properly, but he or she should also verify that the dangerous exhaust is vented properly out of a flu or chimney. This step in the service appointment can prove to be life-saving as there are thousands of tragic stories each year about families unknowingly falling victim to the deadly effects of carbon monoxide gas.

Additionally, you should also have your fireplace serviced, which should include checking the flue and chimney for any blockages or damage.

These service appointments are not only helpful for the safety of you and your family, but they can also help you save money from having to replace or fix any damage caused by improperly functioning furnaces and fireplaces.  Last, but not least, it’s also a great time to check the batteries and function of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

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