How to Increase your Home’s Curb Appeal for Under $500

Many people who own modern, eye-catching homes will go to many extremes to beautify their home, often putting out so much money that within a couple of years they could almost have paid for the house a second time around. There are ways to affordably increase your home’s curb appeal for under $500, and we’d love to share these tips with you. Here are some affordable tips for sprucing up your property.

Care for your Driveway

Often times, many people don’t think to wash their driveways. For almost no cost (except water usage), you can take a garden hose and spend ten or twenty minutes washing your driveway so that the concrete shines like it did when it was just poured. For an even better effect, you can also rent a pressure-washer for about one-hundred dollars a day.

Have a Tasteful Front Door

One way to make the entirety of your house look nicer from the outside is to simply invest in a nice looking front door, as this is where people’s eyes are usually drawn. Take the time and effort to buy a new front door that is shiny, slender, elegant, and perfectly complements your home. If you don’t have the funds to spend on a new door, consider fixing up the old one by cleaning the window on the door or adding a nice trim to it, and fixing any dents in the wood.

Pressure Wash your Home

If you rented a pressure washer to clean your driveway, you may want to turn it to the rest of your house now as well. If you have brick or siding, you can wash off the dirt and grime and quickly restore your home’s exterior to its original shine.

Buy a New Mailbox

If your home has a mailbox on the front lawn, consider cleaning up the mailbox or replacing it to add more curb appeal to your home. Believe it or not, combined with a well-kept lawn as well as a tasteful exterior, a nice looking mailbox can go a long way to increasing the attractiveness of your home.

Care for your Lawn

One of the most important visual aspects of curb appeal is your lawn. A lawn with weeds growing and problematically overgrown grass has no appeal at all. If you start up your lawnmower and mow the lawn, rake it, and maybe even plant a few flowers, you will definitely add a large amount of appeal to your home and landscape.

Putting it All Together

At this point, you’ve gone a long ways to making sure your home looks far more appealing from the outside view, but there is still much more that can be taken care. From simply picking up clutter and removing eyesores to doing things such as setting bricks in the ground along your sidewalk, there are plenty of simple and affordable measures that can be taken to increase your home’s curb appeal. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and you will have your house looking beautiful again in no time at all.