Friendship Park in Orion, MI

Friendship Park in Orion, MI, is an outdoor park with something for everyone. With its various attractions, from the playground and nature trail to the dog park and disc golf course, Friendship Park has become an often sought-after destination for families, friends, and lovers of the outdoors. Information can be found here.

Along with providing a place for recreation, Friendship Park also gives its visitors a chance to explore the natural beauty of Orion, with its two miles of trails and acres of woods. There are gentle terrain options for families and runners alike, as well as more strenuous trails for those looking for a challenge. Points of interest include a pond, two bridges over a creek, and several cliffs face with spectacular views of the surrounding area. The playground, located in the center of the park, is a favorite among young children. It is well maintained, with safe equipment and accessible pathways. A pavilion and several picnic tables are available for group gatherings and outdoor activities, especially when the weather is nice. The park also includes many special events throughout the year. Among them are nature programs for young children to learn about the wildlife in the park, outdoor concerts and performances, and even free movie nights in the summer. In addition to the playground and nature trails, there is something for everyone here. Discover facts about Orion Oaks County Park: A Haven of Serene Peace Nestled in Orion, MI.

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