November 2, 2021

Can you Put on a Roof in the Winter?

Many people wonder if winter is a safe time to install or replace your roof, and the answer is yes.

Can You Put On A Roof In The Winter?

Can You Put On A Roof In The Winter?

Winters are a messy time of the year to maintain your house and do chores that require significant effort. With the season approaching, you might notice some pressing issues with your roofing system. You might notice some leaking ceilings, missing shingles, or even something as big as the roof needing a replacement. Many people wonder if winter is a safe time to install or replace your roof, and the answer is yes. If you are careful and hire a professional roofing contractor, it's doable. Even though winter is not the best time to install a roof, sometimes you have to brace yourself and do it anyway.

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Can You Put On A Roof In The Winter?

Can You Replace a Roof in the Winter?

This is a common question among many homeowners as soon as winter comes around the corner. The answer to this question is yes. Installing or replacing a roof during the winter can be tricky and dangerous. However, professionals that know the proper techniques and have enough experience in this regard can be successful. That's how you can maintain your roof in the best conditions all year around.

Ideal Temperature For Roof Installation

If we had to choose the perfect time to install roofs or replace them or maintain them, the ideal time of the year would be when the temperature is higher than 40 degrees and lower than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing an asphalt roof shingle requires a specific technique that doesn't crack the shingles when hammered. When you install them at the wrong temperature, it can result in breakage or even promote it. Hence, breakage is the biggest problem contractors face when dealing with shingles in the winter..

Can you Put on a Roof in the Winter?

Installing or replacing a roof during the winter can be tricky and dangerous. However, professionals that know the proper techniques and have enough experience in this regard can be successful. That's how you can maintain your roof in the best conditions all year around.

Problems You Face in Roofing Installation in the Winter

Two of the most prominent problems you face when installing shingles are breakage and lack of adhesion. As mentioned before, shingles can easily break at the wrong temperature. Moreover, they lack adhesion in the cold. When the temperature falls below 40 degrees, self-adhesive shingles don't stick well. Sealing strips are used to make the shingles adhere, and they work well when the temperature is high, like in spring or summer. However, these strips don't hold so well in winters and are subject to breaking under pressure or cold.

These problems do not only apply to asphalt or but also fiberglass. Any material that is used for roofing is subjected to these stress reactions when it's cold.

Use of Sealant

The majority of the homeowners use asphalt as the shingle for their roofs. These shingles use a sealant strip called an adhesive that interacts with warm temperatures ensuing during spring and summer. They act as automatic seals owing to the high temperatures during these seasons. It works because the sealant would close on its own due to two factors; the pressure and the heat. To prevent these shingles from curling up, contractors would nail them down to provide much better security.

When the winters arrive, the contractors you hire must ensure that each shingle is hand sealed to ensure the proper adhesion of these sealants. Since the sun's natural heat is not as abundant during the winter, manual sealing is necessary to ensure that the shingles stick. The drawback of this process is that it takes longer for the contractor to hand-seal the shingles and hence prolongs the process.

Experience of the Contractor

When you hire someone to install your roof, hiring a professional, experienced contractor is essential. It is crucial to hire only experienced roofing contractors because they know when a roof requires hand-sealing. They are knowledgeable enough to study the manufacturer's guidelines, instructions, and recommendations and follow them accordingly because they know how to maintain their products best.

Roofing contractors usually charge less during the winter because fewer people opt for roof installation and maintenance. As a result, their businesses slump, and they lose clients. Around the year, the contractors are usually busy due to more and more people deciding to fix their roofs before the season changes.

Quality of the Company

While it seems like a good idea to wait till the winters and take advantage of the low prices contractors have to offer during this time. Unfortunately, many reputable companies do not accept orders for the season since it can be tricky and lead to injuries and poor work performance. Hence, it is harder to find good companies that will fix your roof. When you look for a contractor, remember to get a service from high-quality contractors because they will take their time to hand-seal every shingle so that it is not loose and doesn't break or fall and cause damage. 

How To Put On A Roof?

Warm Up The Shingles

One of the first things to do when you decide to put on a roof is warm up your roofing shingles. It is essential to warm these shingles to prevent breakage or lack of adhesion. You can store them in the garage or warehouse before using them as a roofing material.

Sealing The Shingles

Sealing the shingles is the most crucial step in putting on a roof. You need to be aware of the proper techniques and use specific force to execute the process flawlessly. In summers, most shingles contain thermally-activated asphalt that self-adheres when it comes in contact with heat and pressure. It takes a couple of weeks for the shingles to completely adhere in the presence of sunlight.

In the absence of sunlight, it is vital for the professional roofing contractor to hand-seal every shingle until they stick correctly. Use one or two dabs of asphalt roofing cement or any other adhesives approved and recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure to seal the raves and eaves with special care since they are the most vulnerable spots for the wind to blow off. 

Remember to be careful and attentive when roofing your house during winters and invest in an excellent company to get the best results. 

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Can You Put On A Roof In The Winter?


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