9 Last Minute Tips To Prepare Your Home For Guests

Hosting family and friends for the holidays can be stressful.
We’ve gathered our 9 best tips to help you stay stress free for your Christmas or New Years get together.
  1. Fire up the tunes. Music helps to set the party mood, and avoid awkward silence. Set up a playlist in advance, or use something like Pandora or Spotify and let them chose the music for you. Just be sure to pay for the premium service and avoid commercial interruptions. (Either of these are great options for under $10/month. 
  2. Let the kids be kids. Designate a kids table where you can set out some puzzles and games. Or if you have the space, devote a room for the kids. Parents will appreciate the gesture, and it will allow them to mingle and have some conversation while their kids get to be kids.
  3. Make it comfortable. About an hour before guests arrive, turn your thermostat down below 70. Having all the extra bodies in your home will naturally heat things up, especially if you have a nice fire going.
  4. Spills happen, be prepared. Put together a quick clean up kit for spills. Club soda & salt or whatever you prefer. Just keep a bucket with this disaster kit on hand for the inevitable clumsy guest… or host. 
  5. Do a bathroom check. Ensure that every bathroom that will be used by guests has the necessary essentials; toilet paper, tissue, soap, air freshener, and more than one set of hand towels. Swap the hand towels after a few hours, your guests will appreciate it.
  6. You can never have enough ice. Yes, this is Michigan and we have the advantage of being able to store drinks outside, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp in the ice. No one likes room temperature eggnog. You can even divert an anxious early bird, by asking them to stop on the way and pick up a couple bags.
  7. Encourage people to mingle. A simple trick for encouraging your guests to meet others and strike up conversations, is to deliberately have fewer chairs than people. This will force people to stay moving and meet new people, or connect with family who they don’t always talk with. 
  8. Diffuse uncomfortable conversations. This brings us to our next point… With all this mingling and eggnog, there’s sure to be some moments of awkward conversation. When someone brings up a conversation that is making the group feel uncomfortable (politics, religion, the Detroit Lions), try diverting the conversation by asking about their family, job, or a recent vacation.
  9. Create a “Stash Closet”. When all else fails, designate a “Stash Closet” and toss anything you can’t find space for there. Worry about it later, it’s the holidays. Pour yourself a drink and relax, you’ve got this.
From the Grennan Construction family to yours, we hope you have a safe, fun, and relaxing holiday. 
– The Team at Grennan Construction