10 Home Storage Hacks to Give You More Space

Not a minimalist? That’s ok, there are still several ways to get creative with your space and use it to the best of its abilities. Here are 10 home storage hacks to give you more space.

1) Garage Pegboards
Is your garage now less of a home for your cars and more of a storage center for everything you don’t want in your house? Outdoor kids toys, gardening tools, and all the holiday stuff. Pegboard sections may be hung together all across the back wall facing in to prevent any possibility of driving in and scraping anything. Aside from the base usefulness of being able to suspend things from the ceiling to about three feet from the floor, all sorts of home improvement stores have assortments of baskets, and holders ready for these pegboards. These may be intended for a variety of tools, but let’s be honest, they work just as great for everything else. The kids toys like scooters are hung from a rack where they can reach, while the Christmas lights are wound around two longer hooks and come off untangled.

peg board, pegboard panel
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2) Patio Storage Bench
The backyard patio may be a quiet place one minute and a war zone the next. Dog toys, things that ended up becoming dog toys, and the chairs that hang around for big get-togethers are constantly in the way. Benches or empty plant pots for outdoor patios or decks are perfect for getting everything sorted and stored.

Plastic Storage Bench

3) Patio Chairs
For the chairs, you may have a small collection of fold up chairs that could be used for summer backyard cookouts. After the first summer though they may start getting shuffled all across the patio and even the lawn. Why not use a laundry bag holder from Target that’s just some plastic tubing that clamped in together into two rectangles with four supporting posts. This can hold two folding chairs side by side and about four coming outward.

Chair Storage Hack
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4) Fruit Bowls
One of the most popular indoor storage hack is utilizing hanging fruit bowls. You can put one over your computer at your desk and which holds three separate tiers: USB Flashdrives, Cables and charger plug-ins. You can utilize the hanging fruit bowl in your closet where it can also hold starch and ironing supplies. You could also have one in your kitchen –besides for fruit, It can keep your my measuring cups, and not so commonly used utensils out of the way.

5) Bathroom Suspension Rods
Okay, they’re technically called ‘Tension Rods’ but they’re cheap and magical. You could place a shorter one under the sink that holds a caddy with all the hair brushes, ties and bobby pins, then another with toothpaste and backup toothbrushes. When you’re using caddy’s that normally sit under the sink, be sure to spread the weight with multiple shower curtain rings so they don’t fall down under pressure.

6) Under the Bed
Everyone tries to stuff something under their bed. Planning what can be put down there methodically that can help you save more space. You might retain boxes from all sorts of things, because, well they’re super useful – right?. It’s not easy to play Tetris with all your square shaped items under your bed. Shallow storage boxes with wheels can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, without having to get down on all fours with a flashlight and ruffle through several items to find what you’re looking for.

Under The Bed Storage
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7) Double Up in the Shower
You can also use a second tension rod in the shower against the back wall. Use shower curtain rings to suspend a metal wire basket or two and suddenly the short people have all of the ledges to themselves. It’s devious but the tall people will get the benefit of more space too by having less clutter on the shower corners and floor.

8) Out of Season Clothes
Once of the biggest storage needs comes from people rotating through their seasons wardrobe. It’s not just holiday lights and ornaments. Most people have a giant portion of their wardrobe that’s meant for specific type of weather. Now many women also may have purse-hoarding problems. Use the roll method and pack your clothes as neatly as possible into larger purses and luggage. The luggage sits in a closet anyway and you’re going to go out and buy a bag that slides under your bed to hold you clothes? That’s crazy. Pack your clothes away, then rotate your wardrobe when you hit the next turn in season.

9) Book Shelves
Bookshelves now aren’t always filled entirely of books. The empty spaces that look fancy with candles or have cutesy decoration need to go. Most stores now have cloth drawers that pop up and they look nice in a big variety of colors. You can use these shelves to hold a variety of household items, crafts on one shelf, DVD’s on another and vases or sculptures on the next.

10) Over the Fridge
Say what you may, but if you’re not using the space over your fridge you’re missing out on a great storage space. Anything goes up here, though it is most appropriate for ‘buy-in-bulk items’, which is great if you think you can’t buy in bulk because you don’t have the space. Paper towels, laundry products and dry goods are all great as most of them belong in the kitchen to begin with. If space allows, you may even be able to create or buy a custom cabinet or storage piece that fits perfectly around your fridge.

Fridge Cabinet
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If you’re running out of spaces to store your every day items and looking to de-clutter your life, use these 10 home storage hack solutions and get ready to see how much space you can save!