5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Over the Do-It-Yourself Project

reasons-to-hire-professional-instead-of-DIY-grennan-construction-michiganAlmost everyone has watched at one point or another one of the various “do-it-yourself” home improvement show, like Extreme Home Makeover and several other shows you can find on HGTV.  These television shows can make remodeling and construction projects seem like a cinch.  But, what you don’t see in the 30 or 60 minutes or so of the show is all of the hard work and expense that goes into these projects.  Television shows like these have to minimize a lot of the details, time and hard work that go into the construction projects.  After all, that’s never the fun part of the project and they are forced to keep the actual footage to a minimum and show what viewers want to see.

Let’s be serious.  Do you really want to see how long it would take someone to scrape all of the 30-year old wallpaper off of the walls, the preparation of a rooftop and placement of roof tiles, the removal of old insulation and installation of new one?  Of course not!

So while these television shows can glamorize and make construction projects seem so easy, it doesn’t mean that going out and creating your own do-it-yourself construction project this summer is a good idea.

Here are five (very good) reasons why you should hire a professional for your construction needs over the DIY project.

Reason #5: Professionals Will Save You Money Doing the Job Right the First Time.  A lot of people will say that the reason they decided to do construction projects themselves is to save money, but what they don’t think about is the money they may waste in repairs later on or the cost to have a professional come in to fix the botched up job when something wasn’t done correctly or something starts to fall apart.  So, save yourself some real money and hire professionals that are trained and experienced in your construction needs and who will make sure that the job is done right the first time!

Reason #4: Limit Stress and Disruption.  Construction projects at your house can be stressful and extremely disruptive to a household.  The noise level and the time that it may take, especially if you’ve  never done it before or don’t know what you’re doing, may create a lot of inconvenience on you or your family.  Talk to your professional contractors and let them know of your family’s needs during the construction project so that they can work within your lifestyle, timeframe and your needs to make sure that your construction project is as stress-free and as smooth of a process as possible.

Reason #3: Professional Guidance. Professionals will be able to provide you an outside, third-party and, most importantly, experienced opinion about your construction needs.  You might have thought it was a great idea to go with one particular method or way of doing something, but perhaps there are newer ways of doing things that you are unaware of or factors about your house (or geographic area) that you should be aware of that may be factored into the construction.  Professionals with this experience in the area of your construction needs will give you that expert opinion from a neutral third-party so many homeowners desperately need when preparing for construction.

Reason #2: Professionals Have Insurance. Professionals have insurance to protect them in case they mess up or something is not done right.  If you don’t do something right or you break something else in your home (especially something major, like something structural or a part of the foundation), it’s entirely on you and for you to fix.

Reason #1: Professionals Know What They’re Doing.  The last, but probably most important, reason for hiring a professional is that they know what they’re doing.  Unlike say just a repaint job, rearranging or redecorating job of bedroom, construction projects that involve roofing, gutters, masonry, drywall, insulation and siding takes a great level of skill and expertise.  Shop around for the professional that meets your needs and your budget.  Ask for references.  Do your research.  But, in the end, the same way you wouldn’t perform your own surgery or most people wouldn’t paint their own car, it’s important to hire professionals to do the job.

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